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This site is an archive— onward to Superman Through the Ages!

Regular visitors to Superman Through the Ages! will have noticed that for the last year or two, the website has been offline more often than it's been online.  Unfortunately, due to various security issues, the site had been repeatedly broken into and different kinds of malicious software installed and re-installed.  ie, it was sending out large amounts of spam, installing viruses, etc.

Although we have many times attempted to plug the security holes and to repair the site, it is at this point unrecoverable.

Rather than continuing to leave everything offline, we will be rebuilding Superman Through the Ages! in pieces and installing those repaired segments on our new server here at

Almost all, if not all, scripting will be removed: This means there will be no more forum, no wordpress, no coppermine-based art gallery, no rotating banner ads, etc.  The entire site will have to be static HTML pages—this is the only way to ensure that it will be completely secure.  We hope to eventually have all content restored, but it will be a slow, careful, and manual process.

- Rao, April 2013

Oct 2014 Update: Old site being repaired here- once this is complete, this new site will be merged with it.

To date the following repaired sections are now available: Join us on facebook for the latest news -> 

Superman Through the Ages! founded January 1995